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Her First Spanking

Kate was sitting on the bed trying to decipher the statistics text she was supposed to read before the semester began in a few weeks time. She ran her fingers through her unruly dark curls and sighed. Making the decision to go back to school and let Emma support her financially had been a difficult choice but hopefully it would be the right one for them both in the long run, but right now Kate was wishing she could go play games on her computer and dump the stats revision!

As she was debating with herself about taking a break and making up the time later, she heard the front door open and slam shut. She glanced at the clock. It was only four; Emma wasn’t due home for another 2 hours or so. Concerned something must be wrong; Kate jumped off the bed and walked out into the living room. She found Emma standing in front of the fireplace, hands on hips and eyes blazing. Kate caught her breath, astonished as always at just how beautiful her blonde, blue eyed, athletic looking girlfriend was, but tonight she looked absolutely furious, something that Kate had rarely seen in her usually placid partner.

‘Honey, what’s wrong? You look mad as hell. Something happened at work? You were at the clinic today weren’t you?’

Emma was a senior administrator in the local health trust and divided her time between the main city hospital and the smaller local clinic in their neighbourhood.

‘Yes I was. Guess who I bumped into?’

Kate indicated she had no idea by raising her hands in a half shrug.

‘Dr Alicia Emory, remember her I suppose?’

‘Of course I do, what are you talking about?’ Kate had been seeing Dr Emory for the 3 years she and Emma had been together. In the past year those visits had become more frequent than Kate would like as she had been experiencing pain which was as yet undiagnosed. In addition Alicia Emory was on the board of the local women’s’ shelter where both Emma and Kate volunteered.

‘Oh I just wondered about the extent of your amnesia’ Emma took a step closer to Kate, emphasising the 5 inches difference in their height. Looking into Emma’s still blazing eyes Kate felt herself shuffle backwards a little.

‘Amnesia?’ Kate hesitated

‘Well it is the only explanation that I could come up with that would account for the fact that you told me that Dr Emory had given you the ‘all clear’ and that the pain was just a stress reaction. Yet chatting to her today she asked me when you were going to contact her to schedule the tests she needs to do,’ Emma turned her back on Kate placing her fisted hands on the mantle above the fire.

Kate didn’t know what to say, she had been caught. When she had come home from her last appointment she had not wanted to schedule the tests, hated anything to do with hospitals and knew if she told Emma there would be no way she would allow her to ignore the doctor’s advice. So she had just, well kind of omitted big chunks of information and manipulated some other bits – not really lying was it? Even as she thought it, she knew just how feeble that sounded!

‘Well?’ Emma stormed turning back to face Kate. ‘Amnesia? Or do I take it that my wife looked into my face and told me a blatant lie about something as hugely important to me as her health? Answer me Kate, you are in enough trouble young lady’

Kate swallowed; calling her ‘young lady’ that really couldn’t be a good sign could it?

‘Em’, honey, I was going to tell you, I was just a bit nervous about the tests and wanted a few days to get used to the idea.’

‘Kate, honey’ Emma mimicked ‘I can understand that and a few days I could almost forgive but it has been SIX weeks. Six weeks of lying and six weeks of putting your health at risk’

Hmm six weeks, hadn’t quite realised it had been that long, how time flies when you are living in denial thought Kate. ‘Sorry hon.’ I shouldn’t have done it. I promise I won’t do it again.’ Kate smiled the most winning smile she could muster and sidled up to Emma putting her arms around her waist and burying her head into her neck.

‘Oh no missy’ Emma grabbed Kate by the shoulders and firmly pushed her back to arms length. ‘This is not going to be that easy. I think it is about time you started to be accountable for your behaviour.’

Shocked that her usual tactic hadn’t worked Emma stuttered ‘Wwhat do you mean?’

‘I mean’ said Emma taking Kate’s left arm firmly in her right and pulling her towards the stairs ‘that you have behaved very badly. You have lied to me and now you are trying to brush it off with promises that I am pretty sure you have no intention of keeping.’ As she spoke she began marching Kate up the stairs.

‘Where are we going?’ Emma was starting to feel very nervous, what the hell was going on?

Pulling Kate into their bedroom she placed her firmly in the far corner and turning her by her shoulders until she faced the wall. ‘You will stand there and you will not move until I tell you to, do you understand me?’ Emma’s voice was as stern as Kate had ever heard. She was tempted to walk away and tell Emma to ‘go to hell’ but there was a voice inside her telling her to do exactly what Emma told her. She didn’t know what was going to happen but she loved Emma with all her heart and more than that she trusted her completely.

‘Ok, I’ll do what you say Emma’ Kate said in a very small and quiet voice.

‘Yes you will. Now and in the future and if you don’t, believe me you will be accountable.’

Kate heard Emma leave the room. Next she heard the shower running and the sounds of Emma washing and then drying her hair. The minutes ticked by. ‘OK’ thought Kate ‘I’m in time out’ kind of humiliating but if this is what it takes to get back in Emma’s good books I can cope.

Kate heard the door to the bedroom open after what seemed like an age but was probably only 20 minutes. ‘ OK Em’ I’ve learned my lesson, can I come out from here now?’

‘You still don’t get this Kate do you? I am very angry and upset with you for lying to me but more than that the thought of you not taking care of yourself is more than I can bear. You belong to me. You are my heart. You have to learn that you can never do this or anything like it again and I don’t think a few minutes standing in a corner is going to do it sweetie.’

Kate relaxed a little; at least she was calling her sweetie, so it must be nearly over right?

When Emma next spoke her voice was quiet but firm.

‘Kate, I want you to come over here and stand next to me.’

When Kate turned she saw her beautiful wife freshly showered, now dressed in casual t-shirt and jeans, sitting on the edge of the bed. Kate walked over to her, wanting nothing more than to fall into her arms and breathe in the scent of her. Before she reached her she stopped abruptly at the sight of a wooden spoon, belt and bath brush lying on the bed next to Emma.

She looked into Emma’s eyes but said nothing. She couldn’t be serious. She was going to spank her? No way. Kate’s mind raced thinking. ‘I am 35 years old. I have never been spanked in my life and I am not about to let someone do that to me now!’

‘Come here now Kate’ Emma’s voice broke into Kate’s thoughts. Although her mind wanted to refuse, her feet propelled her forward until she stood at Emma’s side.

Emma took Kate’s hand in hers. ‘Do you agree that what you did was wrong?’

Kate nodded but couldn’t find her voice. Her stomach was tight. All she could think was ‘a spanking?!’

‘Do you agree that you deserve to be punished?’

‘I don’t know’ Kate looked torn, she didn’t want this but then why wasn’t she saying ‘no’ and leaving? She knew she could. Knew she could walk from the room and Emma would not try to stop her. She looked into Emma’s eyes and saw nothing but love. The anger had gone. God she loved her so much and she had lied to her. Now that it was out she recognised the relief she felt. Recognised that now Emma knew about what needed to be done she would make sure that Kate was taken care of and she would be there every step of the way with her, whatever happened. Suddenly Kate felt ashamed. Tears fell down her cheeks. She blubbered ‘I’m so sorry Em’ I shouldn’t have lied to you; I won’t ever do it again. I know I should be punished but please don’t spank me!’

Emma reached up and brushed the tears from Kate’s face. ‘Shh baby it is going to be OK. I will make this OK for you but you need this and I am going to make sure you get the spanking that you need and deserve. Now take down your jeans and panties and lay across my lap.’

Kate looked at her, eyes pleading but Emma was resolute, Kate was going to be spanked and it wasn’t going to be pleasant for either of them. Raising her voice slightly she said, ‘Now Kate, for your sake do not make me ask you a second time young lady.

Fumbling with the fastening on her jeans Kate finally managed to pull them down leaving her panties up. She looked up to find Emma motioning with her finger that the panties needed to come down.

‘But Em’ it’s so embarrassing’ Kate whined.

‘No Kate, embarrassment is what I felt when Alicia was talking to me as though I knew about the state of my wife’s health and I had to tell her that you had lied to me! Now get those panties down NOW and get over my lap!’

‘Well Alicia had no right to talk about my private health issues. I should put in a complaint, it’s really not good enough’ Kate tried to sound indignant but felt ridiculous with both her jeans and her panties now around her knees.

‘I will be more than happy to debate medical ethics with you when we are done here but right now I think the only thing you need to worry about is how your bottom is going to feel over the next few minutes!’ Emma pulled Kate forward and over her knees adjusting her so that she had full access to Kate’s rear. She took only a second to admire her wife’s porcelain skin. Well it wasn’t going to be white for long!

Placing her left hand in the small of Kate’s back she lifted her right hand and brought it down sharply across Kate’s right bottom cheek. Kate sucked in a quick, surprised breath but didn’t have chance to make a sound before the next smack came down on her opposite cheek. Emma worked methodically raising her hand and smacking Kate’s bottom ensuring each cheek was liberally covered with sharp, hard slaps. Each slap was punctuated with a small ‘oww’ or squirm from Kate.

After several minutes of hard, hand spanking Emma stopped. Kate breathed a sigh of relief thinking it was over. She started as if to move from Emma’s lap.

‘Where do you think you are going’ Emma asked, grabbing Kate around the waist and pulling her firmly back across her lap.

‘I thought we were done’ Kate asked in a small, hopeful voice.

‘We have barely started. This is going to be a spanking that you remember for a long time to come. Don’t you move again until I tell you or you will earn yourself extra punishment. Do you understand me?’

Nodding Kate said resignedly ‘Yes ma’am, I understand’

‘Good. Now let’s see if this wooden spoon can impress upon you the importance of telling the truth and taking care of yourself!’

With that Emma began to spank in earnest. She worked at warming her behind for several minutes with the spoon and then moved on to the bath brush. By this time Kate’s bottom was a deep crimson colour and felt as if it were on fire. She began to squirm more violently and cry out as each stroke of the heavy brush swatted her sore behind.

‘Pleeeease Emma, no more. I promise I’ll be good. I’ll always tell the truth from now on. I’ll do whatever the doctor says. Oww. It hurts, stop pleease!!!’

Emma continued the spanking undeterred by Kate’s pleas and promises. After several more minutes Emma put down the bath brush. She could feel the heat rising from Kate’s behind and could see that there would be bruising. Her heart ached seeing her wife in this position but she knew that she couldn’t stop until Kate had been thoroughly punished.

‘Right Kate. I have decided that as this is your first spanking I am only going to give a short spanking with the belt. I want you to pay attention to how it feels so you know what you will be facing if I find I have to spank you in the future. Understand?’

‘In the future?! I thought this was just a one off?!!’ Kate whimpered.

‘Well now, that depends totally on your behaviour my love. Now stand up and go and get some pillows and place them over the end of the bed here.’

Kate stood up and walked gingerly to the head of the bed and collected three pillows. Emma had her pile them at the end of the bed and then bend over them so her bottom made a clear target for her wide leather belt.

Kate lay over the pillows with her eyes closed and teeth clenched. She had no idea what the belt would feel like but if it was worse than the bath brush she felt certain she couldn’t take it. A second later she heard Emma say ‘I am going to give you 20 strokes of the belt. They will be hard and they will hurt but if you take them well your spanking will be over. If you squirm I will give you extra swats until you stay still. Are we clear?’

‘Yes ma’am’ Kate muttered miserably into the pillows.

‘I didn’t hear you. Are we clear?’ demanded Emma.

Kate spoke more clearly ‘Yes ma’am, very clear’

‘Good. Now I want you to count aloud after each swat. And don’t miscount or I will redo that swat.’

‘Yes ma’am’ Kate didn’t think she could be any more miserable and sore – but she was wrong.

The belt cut through the air and landed with a loud thwack. Kate’s whole body jerked. ‘OOOWww, SHIT Emma that HURTS!’

‘I believe what you should have said was ‘one’ and no cussing during a punishment or I’ll wash your mouth out with soap after we are done here’

Kate couldn’t believe what she was hearing but on the other hand she was pretty sure Emma wasn’t bluffing.

‘Yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am, I meant one’

‘I think we will do that one again and try and get it right this time’ with that Emma raised the belt again and again and again, until Kate had counted out perfectly to 20 very painful strokes.

Emma finally threw the belt onto the bed. Kate lay still over the pillows quietly sobbing, her bottom too tender to even try and rub better.

Emma lay down gently next to her and stroked her hair. She whispered gently,

‘Don’t ever do that to us again Katie. I love you. It is OK to be scared. We can do scared together but I cannot loose you. You are my everything. If I have to spank you every week to make sure you take care of yourself I will. Things are going to be a little different around here from now on.’

Emma scooped Kate into her arms. Kate buried her face into Emma’s soft breasts, taking comfort in the nearness of her lover. She felt the warmth from her body. The safety of being wrapped in her arms. She had never experienced the pain of a spanking before but she had never felt so loved or so safe in her life. An immense sense of peace settled over her and she suddenly felt incredibly tired. She snuggled into Emma and her last thought as she drifted into a deep sleep was ‘I am yours’.

The Punishment

She stood with her jeans and panties around her ankles. Her smooth round bottom, pale and cold, on show for her Mistress to observe should she so desire. Her hands on her head, arms beginning to ache. Nose pressed into the corner, a familiar position. She could hear her beloved moving around the room behind her. She wanted to turn to her, say she was sorry, ask for forgiveness but she dared not move or speak, to do so would be to invite further punishment, further disapproval. Her duty now was to obey. To submit to whatever her Mistress thought she deserved. To accept and to be thankful that she was loved so much that time would be taken to decide and deliver her punishment, to correct her behaviour, to improve her.

The increasing pain in her arms caused her to shift slightly. Immediately a deep, forbidding voice sounded from behind her, ‘Be still girl.’ The sound of the stern voice made her shiver. Her Mistress was angry with her. This would not be a playful time but one fraught with pain for both of them. She knew it hurt her lover to see her tears but she also knew that she would be resolute and determined in delivering a severe punishment. The torment of not knowing if it would be the cane, paddle, belt or flogger was part of her punishment. How long would it continue? Would it just be for tonight or did her Mistress have other punishments she would deliver to correct her over the coming days?

Tears filled her eyes. The isolation of the corner was a part of the ritual she hated. When a spanking began the physical contact with her Mistress, however painful, was welcome. The hand on her back as she pushed her to the bed or altered her position over her knee. The fist in her hair as she spoke quietly but harshly into her ear. These were moments of pleasure within the ordeal of pain that she craved. She needed to be touched by her and in that touch was the declaration of ownership. The simple yet overwhelmingly powerful ‘You are mine Girl.’


A single word. No question or clarification was needed. She took off her clothes, still facing the wall; she hadn’t been told she could move in any other way. She folded her garments and left them at her feet, quickly putting her nose back into the corner hands back on her head, as would be expected.

Naked, vulnerable. Blind to the preparations taking place behind her. The movements stopped and she knew her Mistress was watching her. Her heart began to race, it would be soon.

‘Turn around’

Keeping her hands on her head she turned to see her love. She felt her face redden as her Mistress looked at her, slowly taking in every part of her nakedness. No matter how many times she had been in this position or how many times they had seen each other undress, to stand naked awaiting punishment brought its own exquisite humiliation and terror.

‘Come here and turn around. Spread your legs. Bend over for me’

Each command was obeyed without question and in silence.

Bent at the waist her legs apart, there was no modesty left. Her sex was there for her Mistress to do with as she wished.

She felt her hand stroke her bottom. Round and round each cheek. Down to the thigh and up into the crack between each globe, sliding forward until it reached the wetness she sought. Roughly her Mistress entered her, filling her, making her gasp.  Causing her to moan and widen her legs further, trying to accept the fist that was entering her, claiming her. Trying to keep her balance, forcing herself not to cry out. Her hips moving in rhythm to the pummelling, her climax building quickly.

‘Don’t you dare come.’

The command, a seemingly impossible order. Her mind fought with her physical impulse to let go. Just as she thought she couldn’t hold on, her Mistress’s hand withdrew. The sense of emptiness it left tearing at her heart, the deep ache of a climax waiting to erupt throbbing deep within her.

Still bent over, she waited. Her Mistress walked slowly around her. She felt the tip of a cane being run across her shoulders and down her back to her bottom where it was then laid flat across both buttocks. She could feel the cool, smooth rattan. She knew the dreadful bite it would create when it was brought down hard and quickly by her skilful lover. She grasped her knees bracing herself for what she knew would come next.

She heard the swish of the cane as it was flicked through the air. Heard the crack of its landing before she felt the searing burn of its deliverance. The cane which had been lovingly prepared. Sanded to perfection. A black leather handle and hanging cord attached to it making its sole purpose clear. This was an instrument of correction. Its function to bring pain and redemption to the recipient. Her Mistress caressed its length lovingly, as if it was a mere extension of her. Part of her that touched her errant Girl in a way that would bring her to a place of forgiveness.

The second stroke landed just below the first. Its sting no less powerful than the latter. Its burn joining with that already started. She grasped her knees so hard her knuckles turned white. She bit down on her lip as she tried to endure without screaming out. The third, fourth and fifth strokes came in quick succession. No longer able to contain her agony, Girl cried out.

‘Ssh my darling Girl. You will suffer this and you will welcome it. You have angered me with your thoughtless and reckless behaviour. Now you are paying the price for that as you knew you would.’

‘Yes Mistress. I’m sorry’

A moment passed and a sixth stroke fell diagonally across the other five strokes. Achieved easily by the well practised disciplinarian. Tears now fell freely down Girl’s face. Quiet sobbing could be heard in the stillness of the room. Undaunted her Mistress spoke;

‘This would have been the end of your punishment but you lied to me and I cannot allow that. I must teach you that you will NEVER do that again. Do you understand?’

‘Yes Mistress’

‘Good. Stand up and come over to the linen chest.’

She stood, painfully and walked to the pine chest which had been pulled away from its usual position by the wall. Pillows had been placed on top of the wood. Her Mistress took her by the arm and laid her across the box, her bottom in the air and her legs and arms on the floor in front and behind her.

Her mistress came and knelt by her head. Lifting her chin she looked into the wet eyes of her Girl and said ‘Open your mouth’ in her hand she held a lathered bar of white soap.  Girl did as she was told and her partner put the bar into her mouth. Moving it around and from side to side, scraping it along her teeth and running it over her tongue. ‘Bite down on that and do not let it fall or you will be punished again.’

She nodded her head, miserably, the foul tasting suds covering her mouth.

Her mistress then reached behind her and brought forward a thick, leather, razor strap. Light brown, worn with age and use, the smell of its leather still discernable even after all that time. Girl groaned from deep inside. Suds escaping from her mouth.

’25. As you have your mouth full I won’t make you count.’ Her mistress smiled.

Girl shut her eyes. 25 on top of the caning!

The first stroke hit making her throw her head back and bite down further onto the bar in her mouth. She gagged and tried not to swallow. Her hands holding the weight of her upper body became fists. The strokes came, each hard, each with a slight pause to allow the lick to be felt before the next one fell. The fire in her bottom was a raging inferno. She had never suffered a punishment as harsh as this one. She was sure she could not take it. She lost count of the number of strokes.

‘I am pleased with how you are accepting your correction. That was 20 strokes. If you accept the next 5 as well, we will end this. I want you to think about what you have done. To know that I will not allow you to hurt me or yourself like that again. You will submit to me and you will obey or you will suffer the consequences.’

Unable to speak, Girl nodded. Her face wet with tears and suds.

If it was possible the next and last 5 strokes were even harder. She kicked her legs, threw her head back but remained in position.

The next thing she knew her mistress was kneeling once again at her head. She removed the soap from her mouth and wiped her face with a soft towel. Drying her tears and wiping the suds from her face. Her mouth was full of the foul tasting soap but she knew she would not be allowed to rinse yet.

She was gently pulled from the chest and lead to the bed. She lay on her front and tried not to focus on the furnace that used to be her bottom. She tried not to think of for how long she would taste the soap. Her lover lay alongside her and gently stroked her back and hair. She traced her fingers along the tear tracks on her face. She gifted her Girl with a forgiving smile and opened her arms. Girl moved quickly but painfully into the welcoming embrace. She lay her head on her partner’s breast. She listened to her heart beat. She felt her love. She knew that all was well.

Never Too Old!

Chapter 1

As the train made its way northwards, Sara looked at Lindsey, her girlfriend of nearly a year, sleeping peacefully in the seat opposite her. Her ash blonde hair in a slightly wild and unkempt state fell over her closed eyes. Sara had suggested to her that she had it cut before the trip. Silly really, Sara knew that making suggestions to Lindsey about stuff like that almost always sent her into a stubborn mood and resulted in her doing the exact opposite.

Sara sighed and shook her head. She looked out of the window and watched the countryside flashing by. She wanted to meet Lindsey’s mum, in fact she had wanted to meet her for a long time but she had still considered backing out of this trip. Her teaching schedule had been really tough this year and Lindsey had been working hard on a project at the office hoping it may eventually lead to promotion. They were both tired but Lindsey’s behaviour was becoming more and more difficult to tolerate. Sara had been tempted by the opportunity of some time apart from her. She had tried being patient and understanding and she had tried getting mad and yelling. If she thought about it they had really done more yelling than anything else recently. Sara loved her but she wasn’t sure she could continue to live with her, a thought that was too painful to dwell upon. She hoped that this trip may help work things out between them.

The train began to slow and pull into yet another station. They had to change trains at the next stop to make their way to Oxenholme and the Lake District. Lindsey had grown-up in Manchester. When her mum had retired last year, at the age of 55, she bought a small cottage amongst the hills and lakes of England’s most beautiful countryside. Sara was looking forward to breathing fresh air and having some quiet time after the hustle and bustle of London.

‘Wow I really crashed out. Where are we?’ Lindsey asked waking and stretching in her seat.

‘I guess not too far from Crewe now, we’ll need to change trains.’ Sara answered. A nearby passenger glanced in Sara’s direction, noticing the American accent.

Although she had been in England for nearly 10 years, Sara still retained the accent of her Dayton, Ohio origin. Lindsey often teased her but as Sara pointed out, was a Mancunian accent really any better? The Queen’s English didn’t reach that far north did it? Sara smiled to herself remembering the first time they had that argument, the teasing and tickling and eventually love making that followed.

‘What are you smiling about?’ Lindsey asked whilst rubbing her hands through her increasingly tangled hair.

‘Nothing it doesn’t matter.’ Sara was reluctant to share her fond memories right now. She was still a little mad at Lindsey for the minor tantrum she had thrown at Euston station when they hadn’t enough time to get coffee before they boarded the train.

Lindsey looked at her lover. For nearly a year they had been inseparable. Living together for 9 months already. Sara wouldn’t be considered pretty. Her nose was just slightly too large, her chin too square but Lindsey had always found her stunning. She had presence, when she walked into a room people noticed her. Sara was so together. Her long dark hair clipped back and clothes pressed. Neat and organised. Dedicated to her job as a psychology lecturer. She was slim but well toned. She played netball for a decent local team, so she kept herself fit. She ate healthily and often scolded Lindsey for her diet of burgers and fries. Lindsey knew Sara was right, especially since she had noticed recently that it was getting harder to fasten her jeans and walking to the station left her gasping for air. For some reason she just found it difficult to take Sara’s advice. She needed to seem as though she was in-control she had found it difficult allow herself to rely on anyone else for anything and that included letting Sara take care of her.

Around 2 hours later the train finally pulled in at Oxenholme station. They collected their bags and lumbered out of the carriage and onto the platform. They dropped their luggage and looked around for Lindsey’s mum.

‘Hey girls you made it!’ a cheerful voice shouted. Sara looked over to see an older and more rounded version of Lindsey walking briskly towards them.

‘Mum! Hi! Great to see you’ Lindsey fell into her mother’s waiting arms, laughing. Sharing the same clear blue eyes there was no doubt that this was mother and daughter.

‘Well, it’s great to see you too my angel. Well it would be if I could find you under all of this hair. Don’t they have salons in London then?’ Sharon looked into her daughters face, holding her mass of fringe back with her hand.

Lindsey blushed. ‘I know, I know it is a bit wild I guess. I will get it cut whilst I’m up here!’

Sara couldn’t believe her ears. Who was this cheerful, compliant, young woman? Not her Lindsey surely? Her thoughts were interrupted when Sharon turned to her and held out her arms. Sara responded and walked into the hug.

‘Sara I am so, so, happy to meet you. I feel like I already know you from our talks on the phone and everything that Linds has said about you.’ She ushered them to pick up their gear ‘Now let’s get in the car and get home. I’ve got dinner waiting in the oven for us.’

Sara slung her bag over her shoulder, ‘Thanks Mrs Graham. Dinner sounds great.’

Sharon looked at Sara with a frown ‘Ok. First house rule. You call me, Sharon, we’re friends. Mum or Ma is fine too if that makes you comfortable.’

‘Yeah and definitely ma’am if you’re in trouble’ Lindsey piped in.

Sharon turned and playfully swatted her daughter’s bottom. ‘I think young lady that if anyone gets into trouble on this trip it is bound to be you! Sara strikes me as someone who knows how to behave!’

Lindsey stuck out her bottom lip in response and Sara blushed and laughed.

Chapter 2

They sat round the dining table eating stew and warm homemade breads. They chatted about their life in London and their work. Sharon interested and asking lots of questions. A wood fire snapped and crackled in the background and the three laughed together, catching up and sharing news. Sara looked at Lindsey’s eyes and thought she hadn’t seen them sparkle like that in a long time. She hadn’t realised how close her girlfriend was to her mother or how much she must miss her.

Sara stood and began to clear away the dishes but Sharon stopped her.

‘Oh thank you sweetheart but leave those to me tonight. You two look exhausted. I know that train journey is no fun, especially after a day at work. Lindsey, why don’t you take Sara upstairs and show her where your room and the bathroom are?’

Sara hesitated a little before she stood. Sharon noticed and felt she understood.

‘It’s OK Sara. You two get to share the bed! I know I’m ancient but I am happy that you are together and it would be ridiculous not allow you to share a bed when you live together!’ Sharon laughed.

Sara reddened not used to being read so easily. ‘Thanks. My mum would go ballistic if I even suggested it. She would definitely not be cool about Lindsey and I being together.’

Sharon gave her a look full of warmth and understanding.’ It’s OK honey. I want you to be comfortable here. You’re part of this family now. And I am definitely cool,’ looking at Lindsey with a rather stern expression she added ‘well about most things anyway.’

Lindsey shifted uncomfortably in her seat but before Sara could ask what the problem was, Sharon continued. ‘Right rule number 2 of this house. You do what mum says, so upstairs with you both.’

They both moved towards the stairs. On impulse Sara went back to where Sharon was still seated. She bent down and kissed her on the cheek.

‘Thank you for making me so welcome’ she said.  Sharon reached up and pulled Sara into a hug. She didn’t say anything but after a moment she reached down swatted Sara on her behind and said ‘Bed!’ Sara laughed ‘Yes ma’am I’m going now.’

As they climbed the stairs Sharon called ‘Lindsey I think you need to come and see me in my room when you are ready for bed.’

Looking concerned, Lindsey paused on the stairs. ‘Yes ma’am.’

Chapter 3

When they had entered Lindsey’s room and shut the door. Sara said ‘Your mum is fantastic. I love her already! I wish my mum was like her – even a little bit!’ Sara had very little contact with her parents since she had come out to them as being a lesbian. She had two sisters who had both married early and had children and stayed at home to take care of them. Sara saw nothing wrong with that but it wasn’t a life for her. Her mum though had made it very clear that she had little time for an independent, career minded and worst of all LESBIAN daughter.

Lindsey stroked Sara’s cheek. ‘I know how hard it is for you when you think of your family. I’m sorry if being here makes it worse.’

‘God. No. It doesn’t! Yes I’m envious but at least I get to be a part of this.’ And then she added sadly ‘for now at least’

‘What does that mean?’ Lindsey asked anxiously.

‘Well. The way you have been behaving lately I am not sure you really want to be with me. I can’t help but wonder if you are trying to push me away. I have to admit I am struggling. It’s like you won’t let me in and you turn into a spoiled child sometimes and I don’t know what to do about it.’

At that moment they heard Sharon climbing the stairs and going into her room. Lindsey stood up quickly from the bed where she had been sitting and began to sort through her bag for her PJs.

‘I’m sorry Sara. I want to talk to you about this but I can’t keep my mum waiting. I need to shower and change. Can we talk properly tomorrow?’ Lindsey seemed agitated and eager to get to the bathroom.

‘What is going on? Why can’t we talk later?’ Sara asked puzzled.

Lindsey smiled ruefully ‘I am pretty sure I won’t feel like talking when I get back from one of my mum’s ‘discussions’. Look I can’t explain now. Can you please just give me a chance and let us talk tomorrow?’

‘Ok. Another night isn’t going to make a difference. I’m really tired anyway. You shower first and go see your mum and I’ll wash and unpack whilst you are gone.’

After showering and changing, Lindsey made her way across the landing and stood nervously outside her mum’s room. It had been a while since she had made this trip but she remembered only too well what was almost definitely about to happen.

Chapter 4
Lindsey knocked gently on her mum’s bedroom door.

‘Come on in Linds’ her mum answered.

Lindsey opened the door and went in to her mum’s spacious bedroom. Decorated to make the most of the exposed beams and leaded windows. It held a double bed which Sharon hadn’t shared with anyone for many years. Lindsey’s father died when she was very young so she had raised Lindsey alone. As Lindsey got older her mum had one or two relationships but none had lasted more than a few months. Sharon joked that she was too set in her ways to have someone else come and mess-up her house! The remainder of the furniture consisted of an old oak wardrobe and a matching dressing table with a straight backed chair in front of it.

Sharon sat on the edge of the bed, also now dressed in PJs, light blue satin, which complimented her slightly greying blonde hair and blue eyes.

‘I thought you were going to keep me waiting young lady.’ Sharon spoke sternly. Dressed for bed, her daughter looked far younger than her twenty five years. She hung her head slightly and answered,
‘No mum, sorry. Sara wanted to talk to me; I just got caught up a little.’

‘Well now I want to talk to you. Come and sit next to me.’

Lindsey immediately did as she was told. She wished they were just going to talk and maybe hug for a while but she knew better than that.

‘So young lady. Can you explain to me your disgraceful attitude and language when you telephoned me last week?’ Sharon’s eyes bore into her daughter’s. Lindsey regretted tying her hair back thinking it would have been nice to have something to hide behind right now.

‘I’m sorry ma. It was a really bad day. Work has been difficult. I did apologise.’ Lindsey tried to reason.

‘Yes you did but you know how I feel about that sort of  language. I don’t want to know how you speak with your friends but since when has it been OK to speak to me like I’m a kid in the street? It wasn’t just that one call either was it? You have been sullen and back chatting for weeks now. You know I won’t put up with that. It is disrespectful to me whether you are here in the house or speaking on the telephone.’

Lindsey squirmed on the bed. She knew she had spoken to her mum in ways she wouldn’t have dared had she been stood in front of her. Somehow the distance of a phone call had made her brave or stupid! She had become so used to arguing and yelling with Sara that she hadn’t changed her attitude when she called her mum. Something she knew she was about to regret.

‘Mum. I’m twenty five years old. Don’t you think I’m too old for this? It’s embarrassing and Sara is just next door!’ she protested.

‘Yes I do think you are too old to have to be told how to respect your mother. If you are asking me if I think you are too old for the spanking you know you are about to get then the answer is, NO. As long as I have breath in my body it is my job to correct you when you make mistakes, love you and take care of you, always. You will never be too old for that. Do you think I’m wrong? Do you want me to let you behave just as you please no matter who gets hurt? Should I ignore it when I see you making mistakes? Tell me honey, if that is the kind of mum you want?’ Sharon spoke quietly and calmly, all the while looking into Lindsey’s eyes.

‘No mum. I love the way you take care of me. It makes me feel safe and loved.’ Lindsey replied to her mother’s questions.

‘Do you want me to stop spanking you?’ Sharon asked seriously.

Lindsey turned her head away and thought about her mum’s question. She remembered her very first spanking when she was sixteen. She had been truanting from school and lying to her mum about it. When she was found out she expected the usual lecture and weeks of grounding and yelling. She had been shocked when Sharon had marched her upstairs to the bathroom and soaped her mouth for telling lies. Sharon had then taken her into her bedroom made her take off her jeans and panties put her over her knee and given her a long, hard spanking which Lindsey had never forgotten. She had complained to her mum then that she was too old to be spanked. Her mum had replied that she had actually been too young to spank until now but she was of an age now when she needed to start being more accountable for her behaviour. Sharon had promised that from that day forwards spanking would be part of Lindsey’s life. Sharon had kept her word, spanking Lindsey’s bare bottom whenever she felt she needed it. It didn’t happen often and Lindsey couldn’t remember a single occasion when she hadn’t deserved it.

‘I’m waiting for an answer Lindsey’

Lindsey looked at her mum. She knew she deserved to be punished not just for the way she had been treating her mum but for the weeks and months she had been treating Sara so badly. Suddenly she wanted to tell her mum just how badly she had behaved and how guilty she felt and that she had wanted to stop but she felt angry inside and just couldn’t discipline herself.

Sharon saw emotions crossing her daughters face. She saw tears in her eyes and knew that this was about more than just this spanking.

‘Tell me Lindsey. What are you thinking? If you tell me that you don’t need or want this you can go back to your room now.’ her voice was firm but gentle. She knew how difficult Lindsey found it to talk about her deepest feelings.

Lindsey couldn’t keep her emotions in check any longer and burst out; ‘Ma. I miss you so much! Sometimes I can hear myself  behaving really badly and I can’t seem to stop myself. I just want you there to smack my butt and scold me. I can’t explain it but when that doesn’t happen I just feel lost and unsafe. I have been treating Sara so badly and now I’m frightened that she has had enough of me and will leave me. I’m so embarrassed because I can’t seem to grow up and do this for myself. Surely a grown woman shouldn’t need to be spanked?!’  The tears flowed freely down Lindsey’s red face. She felt ashamed that she had to admit this to her mother. God she felt pathetic.

Sharon held her sobbing daughter in her hands. ‘So I guess the answer to my question is no you don’t want me to stop spanking you?!’ They both laughed and held onto one another. After a while Lindsey stopped crying and Sharon held her at arms length.

‘Now, listen to me Lindsey. I am your mother, first and always and I will always do what I think is best for you even when I think that needs to involve a spanking. Yes you need to develop some self discipline but it is OK to need help too. We will talk tomorrow about your situation with Sara, but right now we have some business to take care of.’

Lindsey nodded her head miserably. As much as she wanted her mum to continue to discipline her she really did not enjoy being spanked. They both stood up from the bed. Sharon walked over to the dresser and pulled out the chair. She sat down and beckoned Lindsey to her side.

‘You know the drill Linds.’ Sharon said looking pointedly at Lindsey’s PJ bottoms. Lindsey pulled them down to her knees and placed herself over her mother’s lap. ‘Now why are you getting a spanking?’ Sharon began landing 2 sharp smacks to each cheek.

Surprised as always by how much her mum’s hand hurt, Lindsey answered quickly ‘For using bad language and having a bad attitude ma’am’

‘Right. You be very grateful I’m not washing your mouth out too missy. If you don’t straighten up you can guarantee I will next time!’

With no further ceremony Sharon began to spank Lindsey hard covering every inch of her bottom and the tops of her thighs with hard, fast swats. Lindsey started out taking the spanking quietly and holding still but as the heat began to build she started to wriggle and answer each smack with an ‘ouch’ ‘ow’ or ‘sorrree mum!’ Sharon paid no attention to the apologies or pleas for her to stop. The spanking would be over when she thought her daughter had learned her lesson and right now she felt that this needed to be a good spanking, as Lindsey obviously thought she deserved it too. She knew that it was about more than just correcting bad behaviour. Lindsey was obviously in pain and she knew how cathartic a good spanking could be, although she wasn’t going to share with her daughter how she knew. A mother needs privacy in some things!

After several more minutes of hand spanking, Sharon stopped. Lindsey knew better than to move until her mum told her it was over. She had earned extra punishment more than once by moving before she was had been told. Her bottom was on fire and she was panting slightly from the exertion of trying to keep still. She heard her mum reach over to the dressing table and open the drawer. Her heart sank. The paddle!

Sharon lifted what looked like a hairbrush from the drawer except that it didn’t have any bristles. Both sides were silky smooth mahogany wood and both sides gave an equally wicked sting when applied to the bottom. Lindsey had never asked where it came from but she sensed it was fairly old and had seen a lot of action before it became her nemesis. She closed her eyes and waited for the first swat. She didn’t have to wait long. Her mum was fully into her spanking stride.

After several dozen hard swats with the paddle, Lindsey was willing to promise anything just for it to stop. Tears streamed down her face. She was no longer even trying not to squirm as it was impossible to stay still. She wanted desperately to get away from the burning, incessant spanks. Finally Sharon’s hand stilled. She could hear Lindsey’s quiet sobs. She gently rubbed her back and neither said anything for a few minutes.

Eventually Sharon told Lindsey to get up and pull up her pants. Lindsey moved slowly and winced as the cotton of her PJ bottoms felt rough on her raw behind. Sharon stood up and opened her arms in an act of love and forgiveness. Lindsey threw herself into the embrace. Sobbing into her mum’s shoulder and apologising over again.

Sniff ‘I’m so sorry ma. I will never speak to you like that again. I don’t know what I was thinking. I love you. I’m sorry you had to spank me’

‘Ssh my baby girl. It’s over now. A fresh start tomorrow?’ Sharon soothed.

Hesitantly Lindsey asked ‘Can we talk, you know, some more about … stuff?’

‘Oh yes. We will be talking some more I promise. Now I suggest you go back to your room before Sara thinks you’ve abandoned her.’

‘Ok. What am I going to tell her about this? I can’t tell her I still get spanked!’ Lindsey whined.

Sharon laughed ‘Sweetheart I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you are not too quiet when you are over my knee and Sara is only in the next room. She’s a smart girl I think she will have figured out what just happened!’

‘Oh no’ groaned Lindsey and she walked, very carefully, back to her room.

Chapter 5
When Lindsey opened the door to her bedroom she found Sara sitting on the edge of her bed, eyes as huge as saucers. As soon as the door was shut she began,

‘What the hell just happened to you? Did your mum just spank you?!’ Sara sounded incredulous.

Lindsey sat down heavily on the bed and then shot straight back up her hands flying to her sore bottom.

‘Ow, jeez, that hurts. I guess that answers your question.’ She blushed.

‘Oh.’ Sara looked around her as if searching for the right words. ‘I don’t know what to say. Why? I mean aren’t you a bit old for that? What did you do? What is going on Lindsey?’ She looked concerned and confused.

Lindsey sat back down on the bed, much more carefully this time! ‘Hon. It’s fine. I’m OK, well sore and embarrassed that you know my mum still puts me over her knee but I’m really OK.’

‘You sure? It sounded like a heck of a smacking?’ Sara really didn’t know what to think. Was this really OK? Had she stumbled across some kind of abusive relationship? Yet even as she looked at her lovers face and saw the dried tears she also saw her look more peaceful than she had in months.

‘I promise you Sara, I am absolutely OK. Can we have a good talk tomorrow and I will explain everything then? I’m kind of uncomfortable right now and incredibly tired. Can we just curl up together and sleep?’ Her eyes pleaded with Sara for understanding.

Sara nodded and pulled back the duvet for them to scoot under. Lindsey immediately lay down on her front but cuddled as close to Sara as she could get. Sara put her arms around Lindsey and before she could even say goodnight she heard her breathing change signalling that she had already fallen asleep. It took Sara a lot longer to find rest, her mind replaying the scene she had heard from Sharon’s bedroom. She felt she should be horrified but instead she was intrigued and if she was really honest with herself, a little turned on too. She moved her hand down to Lindsey’s bottom feeling the heat through her PJ bottoms. Yes she was very intrigued indeed.

Chapter 6

When Lindsey awoke the next morning Sara was no longer lying next to her. She sat up and called her name but there was no answer. She looked at her watch, 10.30am; she couldn’t remember the last time she had slept in so late. She hopped out of bed, noticing that her behind was still stinging. That was usual; her mum believed if a spanking was warranted it should be thorough.

She made her way downstairs but found that the house was empty. A note lay on the kitchen table telling her that her mum and Sara had left an hour earlier for a walk in the hills. Oh no, she began to imagine what the topic of conversation might be. She groaned and threw herself  face down on the sofa, covering her head with one of the cushions. She shouted into the sofa ‘Oh Fuccckkkk!’ but only because she was confident her mum couldn’t hear her!

Sara found the scenery breathtaking, nearly as breathtaking as trying to keep up with Sharon as they strode out on across one of the local fells. Despite how physically fit she thought she was, Sara’s legs were feeling the ascent. The sun was shining and the day could have been described as perfect except Sara thought, here I am with a woman I hardly know, who spanks her adult daughter whom happens to be the woman I love. She had no reference point for how this conversation should even start.

When she had dressed and gone to the kitchen this morning Sharon was already there.

‘Good morning sunshine and how are you doing?’ she’d asked Sara.

Sara remembering the sounds of the previous nights spanking had blushed replying ‘Good morning Sharon. I’m good thanks.’ Sharon had spotted the blush, guessed its origin and knew they needed to talk.

‘How about a walk in the hills? I doubt Linds will be up for a while yet, she always sleeps late when she is here, I think it’s the air.’

‘Yeah must be.’ She nodded whilst thinking of her lover’s hot, throbbing behind.

‘Come on then. I already packed some croissants, fruit and coffee. We can have a picnic when we get to the top of the fell’

Despite her reservations, Sara was glad to get out into the air and now here she was trying to keep up with Sharon who was nearly twice her age. Note to self to increase gym sessions she thought. As if reading her mind Sharon laughed ‘I do this walk most days so I’m used to it. I forget I should slow down when I’m with a townie!’

After another quarter of a mile or so of a slightly slower pace, Sharon announced, ‘This is the spot.’ She took off her backpack and began to retrieve a blanket, food and flask of coffee.

Sara stood appreciating the scenery. In every direction the view was stunning. Lake Windermere could be seen in the near distance in all of its shinning, shimmering glory. Mountains and hills all around them. Sara breathed deeply, closing her eyes and enjoying the moment.

‘It is amazing isn’t it?’ Sharon asked looking at the awe in Sara’s face. ‘Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am to have this everyday. The only thing that saddens me is that Lindsey is so rarely here to share in it. It’s hard when your kid flies the nest.’

Sara looked at Sharon not sure what she was feeling but her retort was sharper than she intended ‘Yes, but she isn’t a kid anymore is she? She’s a grown woman now.’

Sharon was a little taken aback by the disrespectful tone but assumed it related to the events of the night before.

‘Are you referring to the fact that I spanked my daughter last night?’ Sharon said bluntly. Sara hadn’t expected such openness from Sharon and without thinking she ploughed on ‘Yes. I heard you. I can’t believe you did that. How could you hurt her like that?’

‘Is that what Linds said, that I hurt her?’ Sharon asked quietly. She looked intently at Sara’s face and saw only confusion. Before Sara could answer Sharon asked ‘Did your parents ever spank you Sara? You don’t have to answer me but I’d like you to.’

The question took Sara by surprise. She sat on the blanket and looked out towards the lake. She was quiet for a long moment. ‘No, nothing you would describe as a spanking. I remember her hitting me once for forgetting to walk the dog. I was eleven years old but I still remember it clearly. She slapped me across the face and looked as though she hated me. It was only once but I was more frightened than I can tell you, I thought she was really going to thrash me. It wasn’t that the slap hurt so much as the look she gave me. That was the only time she ever raised a hand to me but it was enough.’ She went on sadly, ‘As I grew older I think my mum thought less and less about whatever I was doing. Even if she had thought about it I don’t think she would have wasted her energy spanking me. I don’t think dad ever knew. He was rarely around anyway and by the time I was fifteen he had gone permanently.’

Sharon’s heart ached. Thirty one years old and she could hear the hurt of the eleven year old little girl. She wanted Sara to be a part of her family and to understand how much she loved her daughter so she pushed on. ‘How are things with your mum now? Do you get along?’

Sara gave a small, painful laugh. ‘No we don’t get along. In fact I haven’t really had any contact with her for over two years. She made it clear to me that unless I settled down with a nice man I wouldn’t be welcome in their home anymore. And as you see, I found an incredible woman rather than the nice man.’

Sharon held in the anger she felt towards this woman who was supposedly Sara’s mother. How could any woman not want her own daughter? Sara was an amazing and loving woman. She wanted to comfort her and take away her pain but she knew she could not do that. Instead she wanted to try and let her to know that she was wanted in this family but she needed her to understand how much she loved Lindsey and that she would never hurt her.

‘Sara. I don’t know what to say. I have never understood women like your mother. She has lost so much not having you in her life and she may never realise it. If she does, then I pity her because I don’t know how she would deal with that pain. My concern though, is for you sweetheart. You have been hurt in ways I can only imagine and I wish I could take that away for you. I need you to understand that I would never, ever hurt my daughter or do anything that was against her will. I love her more than my own life. When I spank her we both agree it is for her benefit. She needs external boundaries and discipline and as her mother I try and provide that for her. I don’t enjoy spanking but it is part of our mother, daughter relationship, a very, very small part and it works for Lindsay. Did you talk to her about it?’

‘No we didn’t talk last night she was too tired. She did say she was OK and she looked, I don’t know, kind of peaceful.’ Sara admitted, ‘She went to sleep before I could ask her anything else.’

Smiling Sharon said ‘Yep, she always falls to sleep right after a spanking. I think it gets rid of all of her frustrations and guilt as well as dealing with bad behaviour. You know she grew up without a dad and I had to work fulltime as well as bring her up on my own?’ Sara nodded encouraging Sharon to continue. ‘That was OK when she was younger but as she became an older teenager she got a bit rebellious. Skipping school, missing her curfew, not serious trouble but it could have headed that way. I tried all the usual punishments; groundings, denial of pocket money and privileges but nothing was working. We were fighting a lot. She was angry and disrespectful. I have to admit that the first time I spanked her I felt it was a last resort and I didn’t feel good about it. But you know – it worked! She was 16 years old and as stubborn and stroppy as any teenage girl I had met but after that spanking her behaviour improved and more importantly our relationship improved. Don’t get me wrong she didn’t turn into an angel overnight but we fought much less. If she broke a rule and got a spanking it was quick and it was over, there was a clean slate and we started again. She seemed a lot happier and she told me she was. I listened to her then and I do now. I give her what she needs, that’s my job. I hope that you can understand and talk to Linds about it.’

Sara had been listening so intently she hadn’t noticed the coffee in her cup had gone cold or that the sun had risen higher in the sky and was starting to bake the soil. Her only thought was of her Lindsey. How much she loved her. How much her mother obviously loved her. How lucky she was to have a mum who cared so much.

Sara tried to take in all Sharon had said. She thought of Lindsey’s temper of her deteriorating behaviour over the past months. She thought of how frustrated Lindsey had seemed whenever Sara tried to calm her with sympathy. Lindsey had always responded by getting even angrier and goading Sara into responding more forcefully.

‘I think I do understand’ she almost whispered. ‘In fact I think Lindsey has been crying out for a spanking for months. She has been pretty obnoxious’ she looked quickly at Sharon ‘sorry, I know she’s your daughter but she can be a real pain!’ Sharon smiled and nodded. ‘In fact I think she has asked me to spank her. Not right out but in the way she has been with me. Pushing me and almost daring me to do something about it. I just never thought, well, that she might be serious. Why do you think she needs that?’

Sharon shrugged he shoulders ‘I am not absolutely sure. As I’ve grown older I don’t question the whys so much anymore. I just think everyone is wired differently and this is just Lindsey’s way of dealing with life. I thought for a while it was because I hadn’t paid her enough attention when growing up. You know I was working a lot. She had to take on responsibilities for herself from being pretty young. Whatever the reason it just is how things are and I have given up on analysing! One day Lindsey may tell me she doesn’t want or need it anymore and that will be fine too.’

‘Thanks for trying to explain it to me. I was pretty shocked. The way you talk about it makes it sound like an act of love.’ Sara looked at Sharon and tried to reconcile the picture of this attractive older woman, hair blowing in the gentle breeze looking as though she wouldn’t swat a fly, with the image she had of her whaling on Lindsey’s behind!

‘It is love honey. I promise you that. It is very different than how you describe being hit by your mum. I’m so sorry that happened to you.’

‘Yeah, I can see that.’ Sara laughed ‘I never thought I would be jealous of someone getting a spanking! I wish I could have had that kind of love in my life.’

Sharon looked over at this strong young woman who so obviously cared deeply for her daughter. She thought to herself, oh sweetheart you have now. She reached over and put her hand on Sara’s. ‘Sara I hope very much that you can accept the way our family works and I hope that you want to be a part of it. I would be very proud to have another daughter!’

Sara blushed deeply. She looked at Sharon and saw her genuine warmth and caring as she smiled. She wondered if by being part of the family Sharon meant that Sara would be spanked too! She decided that this was not the time to ask as she wasn’t sure what answer she wanted to hear. Sara nodded, smiled and gave Sharon’s hand a squeeze.

They both took a bite of croissant and drank the now very cold coffee. ‘Ergh. Too much talking and not enough drinking. I hate cold coffee’ Sharon complained.

‘So what are you going to do about Lindsey then? Sharon asked.

‘Do?’ Sara looked perplexed.

‘Well sweetheart I can’t come back to London with you and I know how obnoxious my lovely daughter can get when a trip over the knee is over due. Maybe if you two are going to make a go of things you need to think about how you are going to deal with her.’

Shocked Sara responded ‘You’re saying I should spank your daughter?!’

Sharon shook her head slowly ‘I’m not saying what you should or shouldn’t do. I do know that I have heard you both say that you are having problems and that both of you think a lot of that is about Lindsey’s behaviour. I just want you to know that whatever the two of you decide I am here to support you, both of you.’

Sara looked up into the incredible blue sky. Of all the conversations she thought she may have this weekend this had never even entered her head. Strangely though as bizarre as it should seem, as wrong as it should seem to be discussing spanking her partner, it just didn’t. Something felt very right. Suddenly Sara felt empowered. She imagined putting Lindsey over her knee and reddening her bottom the next time she yelled at her or threw something across the room. What would happen? Would it work? She stood up and brushed off her trousers.

‘Is it OK to get back now? I think I need to speak to Lindsey’ Sara looked and sounded decisive. Sharon nodded and followed her lead standing and putting the rug and mugs back into her backpack. Sara began to stride back in the direction they had come a woman full of purpose and a new confidence. Sharon shrugged her backpack onto her shoulders and wondered briefly if her daughter was going to thank her for this!

Chapter 7

On entering the cottage Sara called out to Lindsey only to be met by silence. On the kitchen table written at the end of Sharon’s original note, Lindsey had scribbled a message to say she had walked into the village. Sara felt a wave of disappointment.

She flopped down on the sofa and began leafing through a gardening magazine. Sharon sat in the armchair opposite. After a few minutes Sharon asked ‘Are you actually reading that?’

‘Hmm?’ Sara answered her, seemingly engrossed in the intricacies of the correct methods to take cuttings from woody plants.

‘I was just wondering, when you are going to get chance to garden being that you live on the 8th floor of an apartment building in London. Do you even have a window box?’

Sara looked up, ‘I have no idea how to give a spanking! I mean I’ve never seen one or received one. How do I know how hard or long? I might make an idiot of myself. God, I mean do I take her pants down? Does she? What the hell am I thinking and why am I discussing this with you? Christ, this whole thing is bloody mad.’ Sara threw down the magazine and strode through the living room and into the kitchen.

Sharon followed her and found her staring out of the window. Arms folded and shoulders hunched.

‘Sara turn around and look at me please.’ Sharon demanded her voice firm.

Sara sulkily turned to face Sharon. The tension and frustration she was feeling showing in the frown on her face.

‘Sara I want you to know that I am growing very fond of you and if you will allow it I would like it if you allow me to maybe take care of you in ways that your mother should? If you and Lindsey stay together, which I really hope you do, then as I said on the fell this morning, as far as I am concerned you will be like a second daughter to me.’ Sharon spoke gently with warmth and sincerity.

Sara felt her face redden and tears come to her eyes, with difficulty she said ‘I would like that. I can’t explain it but I feel at home here. I feel like I already know you and I trust you. Lindsey is lucky to have you and I would be very proud to be a part of your family.’

Sharon covered the 3 steps separating them and took Sara in her arms. She stroked her hair. ‘That’s good honey. I think you need someone you can lean on once in awhile huh?’

After allowing Sara to shed her tears, Sharon handed her a tissue and stood looking at her. Her face became very serious. ‘Now miss, I will not have you cursing in front of me, understand?’

Nervously Sara replied ‘Yes ma’am. Sorry I just felt so frustrated that Lindsey wasn’t here and I don’t know how to handle things anyway.’

‘I get that, but no excuses. I also have not been too impressed with the tone you have used with me on a couple of occasions this morning. Worst of all though, is that you have allowed yourself to be treated so badly by Lindsey for so long. You are worth more than that and you need to take responsibility for taking care of yourself. In my opinion taking all of this into account I really think you have earned yourself a trip over my knee.’ Sharon’s tone left no room for doubt that she was serious.

Sara gasped. She had not expected this! Her stomach flipped. A spanking? Really? ‘I..I don’t know. I mean I’d be so embarrassed. I don’t want a spanking!’

‘Sara I’m not asking if you want a spanking. I’m telling you that I think you need and deserve one. Are you going to argue with me?’ Sharon folded her arms and Sara felt she suddenly seemed to fill the room with her authority.

Sara felt her thirty one years fall away; she was a child again only this time she felt safe and cared for. Although she didn’t want the pain that would surely come from a spanking she did want to feel Sharon taking care of her. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been able to let go and allow someone else to protect her, tell her what to do or scold her for misbehaviour. She very much wanted a mother and she very much wanted it to be Sharon. ‘No ma’am I am not arguing with you.’ She said quietly.

‘Good girl. I think we should go upstairs and deal with this now.’

Mutely Sara followed Sharon upstairs. Her legs carrying her but she felt a little numb. They entered Sharon’s room and she watched Sharon pull out a chair and sit down. She motioned to Sara to come and stand by her side. Sharon looked up into Sara’s eyes from her seated position. ‘Honey, I think that this is the right thing and it will help you in many ways. If you choose to turn around and walk out now it will not change how much I care for you or what I think of you. This has to be your choice. Do you want me to continue? Do you need time to go and think about it?’

Sara responded ‘No ma’am, I mean yes ma’am. I mean I kind of don’t want it but I do if that makes sense?’

Sharon gave a small laugh. ‘Believe it or not Sara I understand you completely.’ Turning serious once again she went on ‘Right young lady. In this house spankings are given on the bare. You need to unzip those jeans and pull them and your panties to your knees.’

Sara felt her face grow hot ‘Ok. I feel really silly though.’ She said as she fumbled with her fastening. As she pulled her panties down, Sharon reached out and pulled her forward and over her knee.

‘Well maybe you will remember feeling silly and try not to find yourself in this position again! Now I am going to spank you and all you have to do is lay there. I do all the work here you just do not move and do not try and put your hands back here. Understand me?’ Sharon used all the authority she could muster in her voice, she wanted Sara to know that she was taking her job seriously.

‘Yes ma’am I understand. How many? I mean how long will it go on for?’ Sara almost pleaded to know.

‘Until I think you’ve learned a lesson.’ Sharon said as she brought down her hand smartly across Sara’s upturned bottom.

Sara gasped and jerked. Surely that couldn’t just be her hand? It felt like steel. Before she finished that thought several more swats had landed across her rear. Sara struggled to stay still. Her hands grasped the legs of the chair and she focused on the pattern of the carpet which lay not far beneath her.

The spanks continued to build a fire that made Sara begin to squirm.

‘Stop wriggling miss’ Sharon warned aiming several slaps to the top of Sara’s thighs.

‘Ow. It hurts. Please stop now. I promise I won’t ever swear in front of you again or anywhere again!! I’ll watch my tone and I won’t let Lindsey treat me badly. I promise. Ow, ow’

Sharon smiled down at her new charge and shook her head, a gesture that Sara couldn’t witness. She remembered how many promises Lindsey had made in the past when she had been in this position! She continued to redden Sara’s behind.

After several more minutes of spanking and reprimanding Sara to stay still, Sharon stopped. Sara was not crying but she was breathing heavily from her ordeal. She moaned frequently and wiggled her bottom trying to obtain some relief.

‘Now at this point I usually give Lindsey a good dozen or more swats with the paddle.’ Sharon explained

Immediately Sara exclaimed ‘Oh no ma’am please no more. I am really sorry. It really hurts. Can we please just stop now? Please?’

‘Shh. I’m speaking.’ Sharon scolded ‘As this is your first spanking I am just going to give you five swats with the paddle so you know what it feels like and know what you want to avoid in the future. If you make any fuss or move I will add extra.’

Sharon leaned over, opened the dresser drawer and took out the paddle. She heard Sara take a deep breath and clench her cheeks.

‘You need to try and relax honey please. I won’t continue with you all clenched up like that. Come on loosen up before I add extra punishment strokes.’

Using all her will power Sara relaxed her bottom and immediately felt the paddle land with a loud smack. She realised that a long spanking with this paddle was even more to be avoided than Sharon’s hand which was painful enough. Sharon quickly and efficiently delivered the final two swats to the back of Sara’s thighs making the younger woman yell out.

‘Ok Sara. It’s over. You did really well. You lay there for a minute and get your breath. Sharon replaced the paddle in the drawer and stroked Sara’s back. ‘You OK to get up now?’

‘Yes ma’am. Sara carefully stood up with her hands immediately going to her bottom to gently try and rub some of the heat away.

‘Get yourself dressed. You can go and rub it better in your own room.’ Sharon said somewhat less sternly than earlier but Sara had no intention of testing her. ‘Yes ma’am’ she said as she pulled up her jeans, wincing as the material trapped the heat and chaffed her sore skin.

Sharon stood and put her arms around Sara. Sara responded holding onto her. Feeling the warmth and caring. Remembering all the times she had lain in bed as she was growing up, wishing her mum would come and talk to her, hug her, tell her that things would be OK. Remembering when she had smoked cigarettes in the street, drank beer under age, came home late and her mother had simply ignored her or told her that she would be happy if she just got out of the house. So she had learned that no-one cared, she had learned that she couldn’t rely on anyone else to keep her safe and give her boundaries. Now here she was getting her first spanking. Being told that she was not allowed to let someone treat her badly. That she was worth caring about. She felt something inside her shift and the tears came in great wracking sobs. She held on to Sharon as if her life depended on that hug. Sharon responded by holding her tighter. She made soothing noises but allowed her to cry and cry. She stroked her back and led her to the bed where Sara curled into a ball and laid in Sharon’s lap her arms still tightly around her.

An hour later Sara opened her eyes. She had fallen asleep exhausted still in Sharon’s arms. Immediately Sara sat upright, embarrassed and stuttering ‘I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened. I just couldn’t stop myself. I’m not normally like that. I don’t cry like that.’ Sara swung her legs onto the floor and went to get up.

Sharon gently placed her hand on Sara’s shoulder preventing her from going. ‘Don’t you dare apologise Miss Sara. You did exactly what you needed to do and I’m glad I was here for you. It is OK. You are OK. Don’t make me spank you again for beating yourself up!’ she smiled

Sara managed a small laugh. ‘No ma’am I don’t want another spanking! Thank you Sharon…for everything’

Sharon nodded and smiling at each other Sara walked, a little painfully from the room.

Chapter 8
Sara was lying on Lindsey’s bed reading a book when a half hour later she heard the front door open and close and Lindsey shout out ‘Hi’. She put her book down and made her way downstairs.

‘Hey, where have you been?’ Sara asked, then noticing Lindsey’s freshly cut hair ‘Oh, right, doing what your mum told you to do I see?’ she added with just a little sarcasm.

‘Very funny. I just thought I’d get it cut whilst I had the time. Weekends at home always seem so busy’

‘Uh huh’ Sara was unconvinced. ‘Nothing to do with the fact that I had suggested it and you were just being bloody minded then?’ Unable to stop herself Sara allowed her frustrations of the previous weeks and months to surface.

‘Sara? What’s wrong. I just got a haircut how is that an issue?’ Lindsey threw her light jacket over the sofa. ‘I need to go and change this tee-shirt, it’s all itchy with bits of hair, and I hate that. You want to come upstairs with me?’

Sara nodded and they both made their way to Lindsey’s room. Whilst Lindsey changed her clothes, Sara made herself comfortable on the bed. She watched her lover standing in her bra, rummaging through a wardrobe full of shirts she hadn’t taken with her when she moved out. Lindsey was a little more rounded than when they first met. Her full breasts straining against the silk of her underwear. Sara felt her nipples harden just at the sight of her but this wasn’t the time to be distracted, they needed to talk. Lindsey pulled on an old concert shirt, black with Annie Lennox’s face printed on the rear. She turned and looked at Sara, joining her on the bed.

‘Honey. I’m sorry I know I’ve been difficult to live with recently. I don’t know why I seem to get so mad about little things and I know I take it out on you. I promise you I am going to do better from now. I won’t bitch at you anymore, no more bossiness!’ Lindsey sounded sincere and looked intently at Sara ‘Please give me another chance. Don’t leave me, please. I love you.’

‘Linds, I want to believe you. You have been horrible to me, I was sure that you wanted us to break up’ Sara began

‘Sara no..’ Lindsey interrupted

‘Linds let me finish please. I know now that isn’t what you want and it isn’t what I want either. I have to tell you though that I have had it with you treating me badly’

Sara raised her hand to stop Lindsey’s promises and pleas ‘I know you mean what you say right now. I know you intend to behave better but I think we both know that you won’t be able to keep it up and that your bad behaviour will resurface. So I’ve made a decision. I’ve been talking to your mum,’ Lindsey’s face fell but Sara continued ‘I know that you need some help with your behaviour and that your mum has been doing that for you until now.’ Pausing to let Lindsey absorb what she was saying, ‘Lindsey, I really think it is about time that I took over that role. You belong to me. I love you and if you need something I want to be the one who provides it.’

Uncertain of exactly where this was leading, Lindsey asked ‘What do you mean? Take over what role?’

‘Discipline. If you need it then I am going to provide it for you. If you need a spanking then you will go over my knee. If you need your mouth soaping then it will be me that sends you to the bathroom and makes sure it is done. Whatever it is you need, you will receive it at my hand because,’ taking Lindsey’s face in her hands she looked into her eyes and said softly but very firmly, ‘you are mine.’

Leaning into her she kissed her lips. Deepening the kiss until their tongues found each other and they explored each others mouths. Lindsey groaned and Sara felt herself grow wet. Remembering that they were in the middle of an important conversation, Sara forced herself to pull away. Moving her hands to Lindsey’s shoulders, their heads stayed close together. ‘OK Linds’?

Lindsey was speechless, only partly from the kiss! Her mind raced. Sara will spank me?! As much as a part of her wanted to shout ‘No!’ the rest of her felt relief, fear, excitement, embarrassment in a jumble of competing emotions. Looking into her lovers eyes she saw that Sara was serious. She was offering to take care of her in one of the most intimate ways Lindsey could imagine. Sara knew that this was something she needed and she wasn’t backing away from it. She was embracing it, she was making the decision to be her disciplinarian without any prompting from her. Wondering what her mum had told her she asked, ‘Did my mum put you up to this?’

Sara smiled ‘Let’s just say that your mum explained a lot to me and gave me a little education about the value of a hard spanking’ she rubbed her behind for emphasis.

Lindsey looked shocked ‘Oh my God she didn’t!!’

Sara laughed and nodded. ‘I love your mum but I won’t be pissing her off anytime soon. I am not sure I am going to have her steel hand when it comes to spanking you, but don’t worry I will do my best’ she added evilly.

Infected by Sara’s laughter and the weird turns this weekend was taking Lindsey began to laugh too. They fell backwards on the bed together laughing until the tears fell. ‘I love you Sara’ Lindsey gasped for air. ‘I’m going to do my best so you never have to spank me’ she added looking serious.

‘Oh sweetie that’s so, well so full of shit! I give you a week before I have to throw you over my knee. You know I’m kind of looking forward to it. You better watch yourself, I think I’m going to be pretty good at this.’ With that she rolled Lindsey onto her back, pinning her arms above her head and began to kiss her deeply. Sara’s last thought before she got lost in Lindsey’s body was, yes , I am going to enjoy being on top and looking after my darling girl.

Chapter 9
On Monday evening, after taking the girls to the station and saying a tearful goodbye, Sharon was finishing tidying her house in preparation for her visitor. She remembered, with a smile, Lindsey’s face as Sharon had handed Sara ‘the paddle’ on the station platform. ‘Here honey, I think you may be needing this now. Make sure you use it well. Remember if a spanking is warranted’ they had all finished together ‘make it count!’

Now Sharon’s thoughts turned to her monthly standing appointment. At 8pm exactly the doorbell rang. Sharon nervously ran her hands over her black slacks and red sweater and went to open the door. Standing in the evening light was a tall, elegant looking woman wearing a grey skirt suit and a light blue silk blouse. From a distance she could probably pass for her late 30s but closer you could see the fine lines around her eyes and mouth and the light grey streaks highlighting her hair, stating that she was probably nearer 50.

A single word ‘Sharon’ was all she said in greeting. Sharon stepped away from the door and allowed her visitor entrance.

The woman walked into the lounge to find a straight backed chair already placed in the middle of the room. Nodding her approval, she placed the bag she was carrying onto the sofa. Without any words she took off her jacket and opened the bag. Putting her hand into the bag she withdrew a long wooden paddle. She turned to find Sharon standing obediently at the side of the chair. She walked over to her and said sternly ‘I think we have some business to take care of don’t we Miss?’

Sharon visibly swallowed. No matter how often she saw her mistress she always felt nervous before the punishment began. She knew that the next hours would bring pain and redemption and she craved it. Just before her mistress delivered the first swat a thought flew briefly through Sharon’s mind ‘Like mother, like daughter. Yes, it was a good thing that your kids don’t know everything about you!’