Her First Spanking

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Her First Spanking

Kate was sitting on the bed trying to decipher the statistics text she was supposed to read before the semester began in a few weeks time. She ran her fingers through her unruly dark curls and sighed. Making the decision to go back to school and let Emma support her financially had been a difficult choice but hopefully it would be the right one for them both in the long run, but right now Kate was wishing she could go play games on her computer and dump the stats revision!

As she was debating with herself about taking a break and making up the time later, she heard the front door open and slam shut. She glanced at the clock. It was only four; Emma wasn’t due home for another 2 hours or so. Concerned something must be wrong; Kate jumped off the bed and walked out into the living room. She found Emma standing in front of the fireplace, hands on hips and eyes blazing. Kate caught her breath, astonished as always at just how beautiful her blonde, blue eyed, athletic looking girlfriend was, but tonight she looked absolutely furious, something that Kate had rarely seen in her usually placid partner.

‘Honey, what’s wrong? You look mad as hell. Something happened at work? You were at the clinic today weren’t you?’

Emma was a senior administrator in the local health trust and divided her time between the main city hospital and the smaller local clinic in their neighbourhood.

‘Yes I was. Guess who I bumped into?’

Kate indicated she had no idea by raising her hands in a half shrug.

‘Dr Alicia Emory, remember her I suppose?’

‘Of course I do, what are you talking about?’ Kate had been seeing Dr Emory for the 3 years she and Emma had been together. In the past year those visits had become more frequent than Kate would like as she had been experiencing pain which was as yet undiagnosed. In addition Alicia Emory was on the board of the local women’s’ shelter where both Emma and Kate volunteered.

‘Oh I just wondered about the extent of your amnesia’ Emma took a step closer to Kate, emphasising the 5 inches difference in their height. Looking into Emma’s still blazing eyes Kate felt herself shuffle backwards a little.

‘Amnesia?’ Kate hesitated

‘Well it is the only explanation that I could come up with that would account for the fact that you told me that Dr Emory had given you the ‘all clear’ and that the pain was just a stress reaction. Yet chatting to her today she asked me when you were going to contact her to schedule the tests she needs to do,’ Emma turned her back on Kate placing her fisted hands on the mantle above the fire.

Kate didn’t know what to say, she had been caught. When she had come home from her last appointment she had not wanted to schedule the tests, hated anything to do with hospitals and knew if she told Emma there would be no way she would allow her to ignore the doctor’s advice. So she had just, well kind of omitted big chunks of information and manipulated some other bits – not really lying was it? Even as she thought it, she knew just how feeble that sounded!

‘Well?’ Emma stormed turning back to face Kate. ‘Amnesia? Or do I take it that my wife looked into my face and told me a blatant lie about something as hugely important to me as her health? Answer me Kate, you are in enough trouble young lady’

Kate swallowed; calling her ‘young lady’ that really couldn’t be a good sign could it?

‘Em’, honey, I was going to tell you, I was just a bit nervous about the tests and wanted a few days to get used to the idea.’

‘Kate, honey’ Emma mimicked ‘I can understand that and a few days I could almost forgive but it has been SIX weeks. Six weeks of lying and six weeks of putting your health at risk’

Hmm six weeks, hadn’t quite realised it had been that long, how time flies when you are living in denial thought Kate. ‘Sorry hon.’ I shouldn’t have done it. I promise I won’t do it again.’ Kate smiled the most winning smile she could muster and sidled up to Emma putting her arms around her waist and burying her head into her neck.

‘Oh no missy’ Emma grabbed Kate by the shoulders and firmly pushed her back to arms length. ‘This is not going to be that easy. I think it is about time you started to be accountable for your behaviour.’

Shocked that her usual tactic hadn’t worked Emma stuttered ‘Wwhat do you mean?’

‘I mean’ said Emma taking Kate’s left arm firmly in her right and pulling her towards the stairs ‘that you have behaved very badly. You have lied to me and now you are trying to brush it off with promises that I am pretty sure you have no intention of keeping.’ As she spoke she began marching Kate up the stairs.

‘Where are we going?’ Emma was starting to feel very nervous, what the hell was going on?

Pulling Kate into their bedroom she placed her firmly in the far corner and turning her by her shoulders until she faced the wall. ‘You will stand there and you will not move until I tell you to, do you understand me?’ Emma’s voice was as stern as Kate had ever heard. She was tempted to walk away and tell Emma to ‘go to hell’ but there was a voice inside her telling her to do exactly what Emma told her. She didn’t know what was going to happen but she loved Emma with all her heart and more than that she trusted her completely.

‘Ok, I’ll do what you say Emma’ Kate said in a very small and quiet voice.

‘Yes you will. Now and in the future and if you don’t, believe me you will be accountable.’

Kate heard Emma leave the room. Next she heard the shower running and the sounds of Emma washing and then drying her hair. The minutes ticked by. ‘OK’ thought Kate ‘I’m in time out’ kind of humiliating but if this is what it takes to get back in Emma’s good books I can cope.

Kate heard the door to the bedroom open after what seemed like an age but was probably only 20 minutes. ‘ OK Em’ I’ve learned my lesson, can I come out from here now?’

‘You still don’t get this Kate do you? I am very angry and upset with you for lying to me but more than that the thought of you not taking care of yourself is more than I can bear. You belong to me. You are my heart. You have to learn that you can never do this or anything like it again and I don’t think a few minutes standing in a corner is going to do it sweetie.’

Kate relaxed a little; at least she was calling her sweetie, so it must be nearly over right?

When Emma next spoke her voice was quiet but firm.

‘Kate, I want you to come over here and stand next to me.’

When Kate turned she saw her beautiful wife freshly showered, now dressed in casual t-shirt and jeans, sitting on the edge of the bed. Kate walked over to her, wanting nothing more than to fall into her arms and breathe in the scent of her. Before she reached her she stopped abruptly at the sight of a wooden spoon, belt and bath brush lying on the bed next to Emma.

She looked into Emma’s eyes but said nothing. She couldn’t be serious. She was going to spank her? No way. Kate’s mind raced thinking. ‘I am 35 years old. I have never been spanked in my life and I am not about to let someone do that to me now!’

‘Come here now Kate’ Emma’s voice broke into Kate’s thoughts. Although her mind wanted to refuse, her feet propelled her forward until she stood at Emma’s side.

Emma took Kate’s hand in hers. ‘Do you agree that what you did was wrong?’

Kate nodded but couldn’t find her voice. Her stomach was tight. All she could think was ‘a spanking?!’

‘Do you agree that you deserve to be punished?’

‘I don’t know’ Kate looked torn, she didn’t want this but then why wasn’t she saying ‘no’ and leaving? She knew she could. Knew she could walk from the room and Emma would not try to stop her. She looked into Emma’s eyes and saw nothing but love. The anger had gone. God she loved her so much and she had lied to her. Now that it was out she recognised the relief she felt. Recognised that now Emma knew about what needed to be done she would make sure that Kate was taken care of and she would be there every step of the way with her, whatever happened. Suddenly Kate felt ashamed. Tears fell down her cheeks. She blubbered ‘I’m so sorry Em’ I shouldn’t have lied to you; I won’t ever do it again. I know I should be punished but please don’t spank me!’

Emma reached up and brushed the tears from Kate’s face. ‘Shh baby it is going to be OK. I will make this OK for you but you need this and I am going to make sure you get the spanking that you need and deserve. Now take down your jeans and panties and lay across my lap.’

Kate looked at her, eyes pleading but Emma was resolute, Kate was going to be spanked and it wasn’t going to be pleasant for either of them. Raising her voice slightly she said, ‘Now Kate, for your sake do not make me ask you a second time young lady.

Fumbling with the fastening on her jeans Kate finally managed to pull them down leaving her panties up. She looked up to find Emma motioning with her finger that the panties needed to come down.

‘But Em’ it’s so embarrassing’ Kate whined.

‘No Kate, embarrassment is what I felt when Alicia was talking to me as though I knew about the state of my wife’s health and I had to tell her that you had lied to me! Now get those panties down NOW and get over my lap!’

‘Well Alicia had no right to talk about my private health issues. I should put in a complaint, it’s really not good enough’ Kate tried to sound indignant but felt ridiculous with both her jeans and her panties now around her knees.

‘I will be more than happy to debate medical ethics with you when we are done here but right now I think the only thing you need to worry about is how your bottom is going to feel over the next few minutes!’ Emma pulled Kate forward and over her knees adjusting her so that she had full access to Kate’s rear. She took only a second to admire her wife’s porcelain skin. Well it wasn’t going to be white for long!

Placing her left hand in the small of Kate’s back she lifted her right hand and brought it down sharply across Kate’s right bottom cheek. Kate sucked in a quick, surprised breath but didn’t have chance to make a sound before the next smack came down on her opposite cheek. Emma worked methodically raising her hand and smacking Kate’s bottom ensuring each cheek was liberally covered with sharp, hard slaps. Each slap was punctuated with a small ‘oww’ or squirm from Kate.

After several minutes of hard, hand spanking Emma stopped. Kate breathed a sigh of relief thinking it was over. She started as if to move from Emma’s lap.

‘Where do you think you are going’ Emma asked, grabbing Kate around the waist and pulling her firmly back across her lap.

‘I thought we were done’ Kate asked in a small, hopeful voice.

‘We have barely started. This is going to be a spanking that you remember for a long time to come. Don’t you move again until I tell you or you will earn yourself extra punishment. Do you understand me?’

Nodding Kate said resignedly ‘Yes ma’am, I understand’

‘Good. Now let’s see if this wooden spoon can impress upon you the importance of telling the truth and taking care of yourself!’

With that Emma began to spank in earnest. She worked at warming her behind for several minutes with the spoon and then moved on to the bath brush. By this time Kate’s bottom was a deep crimson colour and felt as if it were on fire. She began to squirm more violently and cry out as each stroke of the heavy brush swatted her sore behind.

‘Pleeeease Emma, no more. I promise I’ll be good. I’ll always tell the truth from now on. I’ll do whatever the doctor says. Oww. It hurts, stop pleease!!!’

Emma continued the spanking undeterred by Kate’s pleas and promises. After several more minutes Emma put down the bath brush. She could feel the heat rising from Kate’s behind and could see that there would be bruising. Her heart ached seeing her wife in this position but she knew that she couldn’t stop until Kate had been thoroughly punished.

‘Right Kate. I have decided that as this is your first spanking I am only going to give a short spanking with the belt. I want you to pay attention to how it feels so you know what you will be facing if I find I have to spank you in the future. Understand?’

‘In the future?! I thought this was just a one off?!!’ Kate whimpered.

‘Well now, that depends totally on your behaviour my love. Now stand up and go and get some pillows and place them over the end of the bed here.’

Kate stood up and walked gingerly to the head of the bed and collected three pillows. Emma had her pile them at the end of the bed and then bend over them so her bottom made a clear target for her wide leather belt.

Kate lay over the pillows with her eyes closed and teeth clenched. She had no idea what the belt would feel like but if it was worse than the bath brush she felt certain she couldn’t take it. A second later she heard Emma say ‘I am going to give you 20 strokes of the belt. They will be hard and they will hurt but if you take them well your spanking will be over. If you squirm I will give you extra swats until you stay still. Are we clear?’

‘Yes ma’am’ Kate muttered miserably into the pillows.

‘I didn’t hear you. Are we clear?’ demanded Emma.

Kate spoke more clearly ‘Yes ma’am, very clear’

‘Good. Now I want you to count aloud after each swat. And don’t miscount or I will redo that swat.’

‘Yes ma’am’ Kate didn’t think she could be any more miserable and sore – but she was wrong.

The belt cut through the air and landed with a loud thwack. Kate’s whole body jerked. ‘OOOWww, SHIT Emma that HURTS!’

‘I believe what you should have said was ‘one’ and no cussing during a punishment or I’ll wash your mouth out with soap after we are done here’

Kate couldn’t believe what she was hearing but on the other hand she was pretty sure Emma wasn’t bluffing.

‘Yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am, I meant one’

‘I think we will do that one again and try and get it right this time’ with that Emma raised the belt again and again and again, until Kate had counted out perfectly to 20 very painful strokes.

Emma finally threw the belt onto the bed. Kate lay still over the pillows quietly sobbing, her bottom too tender to even try and rub better.

Emma lay down gently next to her and stroked her hair. She whispered gently,

‘Don’t ever do that to us again Katie. I love you. It is OK to be scared. We can do scared together but I cannot loose you. You are my everything. If I have to spank you every week to make sure you take care of yourself I will. Things are going to be a little different around here from now on.’

Emma scooped Kate into her arms. Kate buried her face into Emma’s soft breasts, taking comfort in the nearness of her lover. She felt the warmth from her body. The safety of being wrapped in her arms. She had never experienced the pain of a spanking before but she had never felt so loved or so safe in her life. An immense sense of peace settled over her and she suddenly felt incredibly tired. She snuggled into Emma and her last thought as she drifted into a deep sleep was ‘I am yours’.

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